Frequently asked Questions

Montessori philosophy is an educational approach that aims to support children's characteristics such as independence, self-confidence and self-regulation. It allows them to explore freely and guide their own learning journey.

Montessori cots allow children to easily access their own bed and gain independence. These cots aim to support the child's freedom of movement and self-regulation abilities.

Our products are produced from completely natural and sustainable wood materials. These materials do not harm children's health and are environmentally friendly.

Yes, the paints and varnishes used in our products do not contain substances harmful to children's health. We take care to offer healthy and safe products.

Our cots are generally suitable for the age range from infants to preschoolers. You can find more specific age ranges in the product descriptions.

Our bedsteads are designed in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. It is produced in accordance with Montessori principles, aiming to support children's abilities of independence, freedom and self-regulation.

Our products are easy to assemble and often come with detailed instructions. You can find more information about the assembly process in our product box or manual.

We offer customization options for some of our products. If you want to customize details such as color, design or size, you can contact our customer service.

Our products usually come with a certain warranty period. You can also find our return and exchange policies at the time of purchase or on our website.

You can order our products online via ETSY.